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Misto Sontsia

Charitable Theatre
Volunteer Notes

No words can describe the misfortunes of Natalia Barsukova’s family … It is not up to us to judge why did it happed so and whose fault was that, but we are in a position to help!

Lots of people help children’s homes and boarding schools on a one time basis by giving some sweets for New Year and Christmas holidays. It is a pity that they know nothing of the families that do not have even some decent things, some basic household appliances and that will never be able to send their children to any health resort.…



The column of Grandfather Frosts and Snow Maidens will march through Khreschatik Street on December, 25, 2010 at 15:00. The press service of Kiev City State Administration informs that traditional parade of Grandfather Frosts – Volunteers will take place within the scope of act of charity “Do not forget to send greetings”, the organizer of which is Kyiv City Social Services Center for family, children and youth. 



У рамках проекту «Центри волонтеріату – ключ до трансформацій місцевих громад» за підтримки Посольства США в Україні побачив світ помічник з волонтерського менеджменту. Він складений у вигляді практичних рекомендацій, конкретних прикладів українського та закордонного досвіду,методичних розробок, які полегшують роботу з волонтерами.

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